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**Update: In the spirit of getting good writers and prevent bot registrations, please send a plain email with desired user name to me personally, and I will set your account up for contribution.  My email is kent [at] this domain.**

What a wonderful concept – operate an incredible freelance writing site, and ask the general public to infuse knowledge around the freelancing world.  Well, glad you show some interest in About Freelance and wish to write for us.  Before jumping all over your keyboards, we’d like to introduce some quick rules which should be followed.  This keeps our website running efficiently, allows others to find us and let’s everyone learn about freelance work in general, and not Botox.

The Content…

We strive to provide only useful knowledge revolving around contingency work, in general, while offering others inspirational stories which revolve around where you came from, where freelancing has taken you and what futuristic plans are being brewed in your dirty little minds.  That being said, let’s talk about some categories which are plausible enough to write content for acceptance:

  • General freelancing niche (what’s in press, etc.)
  • Success stories
  • How-To’s related to freelance (write dissertations, etc.)
  • Rhetorical debates
  • Funny freelance writing stories

Now that we’ve thrown down the gauntlet of what we’d like, let’s bring up our major caveat to every writer.

How To Get Hand Slapped…

The quickest method of getting your content thrown back towards you, deleted or put into image format to be made fun of would be plagiarizing.  By no stretch of the imagination will we tolerate anyone who cannot grasp the concept that copywriting is not copy my writing and we’ll put all content into trash receptacles or into image format, post the pics on Instagram and even send them to your mother.  We’ll use Copyscape, Grammarly, Paper Rater, deep check every other sentence in Google and so forth.  Testing us will get you nowhere.

Links Are Cool, But…

We’ll allow one link per 300 words in content.  You’ll get a nice shiny author box for another.  We’ll probably deep link to other posts of ours; if you include viable education resources about freelancing (.edu preferred) then you’ll get a big wet virtual kiss.  Please spare us the advertisements.  Linking to your grandmother’s pumpkin pie recipe or four-wheeler tires will not provide search engine fruition for anyone; porn, warez, scams or anything point to shady flimflams will never be accepted, either.  We’d prefer:

  • Your freelance writing profile
  • Freelancing blog
  • An article you wrote of interest

Say ‘Cheese’!

We’re photogenic and heavily encourage your content have an image 300 x 300 on hand to use as featured.  Although we’ll definitely prefer the image have originality, the uploaded link should contain at least your keyword used along with ALT tagging.  By all means we’ll assist those in need of technical assistance.

See the box on the right? Yes, it’s seems small but this is where you register for an account. You’ll automatically have the ability to post content, optimize it and submit for review.

Your Gravatar will appear should your email from there match the one registered here.

We’re await your freelancing submission. Are you ready?

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