The Writer Unleashed

The Writer Unleashed

Researching endlessly for correct definitions appended to writing would spin your head quicker than freelance writers can spin content.  Asking your college professor what an accurate summation of writing is, according to standard lexicon entries, would probably also render endless drivel about feelings, emotion, peace and quiet or perhaps inspiration.  We’re in 2013, kiddies; the entire realm of writing has turned the corner, heading towards horizons never before travailed. While nobody will have an exuberantly accurate definition of the writer or their goals, we’ve gathered some playful candor to mix into our definition.

They Perceive

Businesses thirsty for visibility have definitely opened opportunistic doors for freelance writers around the world, yet with apprehension.  Only the writer which writes original content, spends hours researching competitors while putting accurate perceptions onto paper will win contingency contracts.  Therefore, perceptibility would be one concrete ingredient found inside the unleashed writing beast contained by our bodies; those beasts, of course, that have such drive within themselves to portend accurate future business needs are who we’re talking specifically about.

They Work Thankless Hours

Tell the writer when to quit scripting masterpieces, and they’ll probably backhand you.  Hours commonly kept by freelance writers often exceed factory overtime allotments, extend beyond dinner hours and begin before your rooster cackles.  Understanding where, when, why and how writing pros perform their creative prosing, honestly, is arbitrary – having an accurate end product makes more sense than disseminating the mindset of whomever conjured said product.  Before judging your mates who work tireless, thankless and sometimes low paying hours, take time to understand the passion behind the madness which writing freelance content, dissertations or other words obviously takes.

They Never Crack

Pressured situations, namely deadlines, often force experienced writing professionals headaches.  Anyone disturbing the writer while they’re scripting contextual ingenuity will probably fall to sudden backhanding. The key when placed in pressure situations is whether freelance writers will crack like cheap pistachios or rise like the phoenix. Only true freelancing professionals understand deadlines mean financial gains, client relationship building or losing both to rising competition.  When spotting busy peeps writing freelance masterpieces, you’d probably be best suited waiting to discuss whether, Facebook interactions or general gossip to allow their concentration to remain focused.

They Survive

Most professional writers will not amass fortunes worthy of noting.  In fact, starving writers have equivocal prevalence to their creative counterparts – artists. Surviving your freshman year in freelancing provides little expectations upon completion except for experience gained which the writer may take with them to other clientele.  Expecting $100 per article starting off will probably get your proposals sent packing; you’ll probably get feet wet writing mass business content or keyword-stuffed articles roughly $2-$3 per 100 words, or less.  True freelance writers will take it and run, knowing someone else stands in waiting for anything they can find.  Surviving is one vital component the writer knows well.

Redefining Freelance Writers

Our mad world of combative freelancers will render shocking tales of how many will take works written for one client, sell that to several clients simultaneously and run, especially when none of that content makes Google’s algorithm updates.  Freelancing professionals even cheat when designing site templates.  One point of separation where the writer will never meet dirty freelancers is dedication. That one element of sitting endlessly atop computer keyboard, munching Doritos while allowing your Skull Candy headphones fill your mind with creative prose can never be faked.  Redefining freelance writers, in short, takes watchful eyes upon that one human being offering our web with written effervescence day in and day out.  They are, of course, the writer unleashed.

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