The Wild Freelancing Adventure Awaits

The Wild Freelancing Adventure Awaits

Everyone is officially privy to freelance writing work available across the internet, meaning continually writing about what splendid job listings await the newcomer won’t prove fruitful heading into 2013.  What few inexperienced people realize, however, is the world of contingency based employment borderlines lascivious behavior, perhaps even perpetuating cross-global bidding wars to drive down client costs.  The usual end result? Client gets low-costing freelancing services, contractor delivers work that borderlines grade-school material and client must fight to recover monies.  Yes, my friends, freelance writing professionals who’ve been rocking their blog posts with tips, tricks or stories could easily profess the interesting lifestyle which contributes to current freelance economy standards.

Why Bother Engaging Then?

Freelancing, much like other off-the-beaten-path employment trends, offers those individuals who’d prefer to never see sunlight or eat before midnight the opportunity to still become gainfully employed, quite frankly.  While tumultuous relationships develop with incompatible pairs of clients and contractors, others aren’t quite boisterous and actually work well.  Finding the right relationship mix to perfect freelance projects takes concerted efforts which could become harrowing when Americans deal with overseas contractors, and the opposite.  Understand who you’re hiring before funding escrow accounts.  Know the person behind the pencil before divulging your project goals and needs instead of letting someone hijack your dreams upon submission of project scope and requirements.

In other words, everyone should freelance yet exercising some level of frugality should come first.

Shut The Front Door…

On bad attitudes and ill thinking, that is. Why bother working for the ‘man’ when virtually every manned position has potential for being freelanced?  We’d previously covered how the era of freelancing expected to erupt in 2013 and what you could do to jump aboard the employment juggernaut.  Yes, anyone telling you freelance writing is simple probably wants to sell you botox or something for your growing carbuncle. The thinking is what must change, however, especially if being condemned to cubicle hell was passed down from several generation where internet access wasn’t available.

Simply put, toughen up, cupcake; ride the freelancing train down the newly engineered track of future careers.

Ok, I Will Stop Rambling

As I script this article, I still remain half asleep from taking cold medicine.  True to form, however, I still have clients needing my hard-fought efforts, so I press onward.  Sometimes I perform freelance writing work while asleep in my chair.  This week, however, I’m working towards wrapping up Christmas and bills; therefore, I must end today’s piece with this thought: read through the four stocking stuffers for freelancers piece to see what you should get me this year.  Just kidding – perhaps treat your personal contractors to something awesome this year.

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