The Joys Of Freelancing

The Joys Of Freelancing

Freelancing offers regular individuals a chance to shine with their talents. Instead of the regular world a freelancer can choose the projects that they will work on that day, as well as working on their own schedules. There are many joys of freelancing and if you’re thinking about it as a full-time career, here are some benefits to know about freelance writing or freelancing in general.

Freelancers work on their schedule

One of the hardest things about having a ‘regular’ job is the work schedule. You are expected to show up at certain times, wearing the right clothes, and saying the right things to the clients. Freelancing work requires that you work and say the right things to the clients, but the work can be done at the freelancer’s own pace. If you are more of a night owl, you can do your jobs in the dead of night. If you are a morning person, you can take care of your work during the times that you are the most ‘on’ for your clients. You are not bound to the clock, and when you’re finished, you’re finished – even if it’s 4 hours before you’re scheduled to leave.

Freelancers do not beg for vacations, they just take them

A freelance writer does not have to schedule vacations in the traditional sense. Instead of competing with others for the prime times – like just around Thanksgiving – you can take off during the times which you please. You still have to make sure that your clients will not be underserved during this time, but you schedule that time directly with the people for whom you’re working, rather than being subject to some arbitrary schedule which is determined by other people.

Freelancers wear what they want

Most freelancers work from home, and that affords several opportunities to wear what you want. If you choose to wear bunny slippers, you can wear bunny slippers. If you want to wear your favorite 12 year old tattered shirt, by all means, you can. You can come to work barefoot or hung over. You don’t even have to brush your teeth. Of course, these great things don’t necessarily apply when you’re going out in front of clients, but when you’re doing the work, the sky’s the limit. .

Freelancers choose their jobs

The difference between freelancing work and a ‘regular’ job is that freelancers are expected to choose the type of work that they are willing to do. They are not simply handed a job and told that they must perform it. A good portion of freelancing requires that you are communicating with clients about their jobs, but you get to choose the ones for which you take a shot. If you are great with health articles, write those. You don’t have to apply for every single thing which comes across the plate.

Freelancers save money by freelancing

The average commute is 39 miles, and the average car gets 32MPG. This means that at least one gallon of gas is used getting to and from a traditional job. The average price of gas (right now) is around $4 per gallon, so the freelancer is saving at least that much each day by freelancing. That’s $20 per week. Add to that the time that one spends behind the wheel, idling, and being with the other drivers, it can add up to a significant advantage.

Not only that, by staying at home to do freelance work, you are also saving money on clothes (remember the bunny slippers?), food (you will be more likely to eat at home), and stress (it takes about an hour for the average person to decompress). Even though there are still taxes to be paid, you don’t have to worry about some of the ‘regular’ job hassles when you’re freelancing.

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