Skills Tests Gauge Freelancing Acumen

Skills Tests Gauge Freelancing Acumen

The fact so many professionals today learned most of their current freelance writing skills while in college or trade school is irrefutable – there are many people that, for whatever reason, simply didn’t get the luxury of a college or trade school education.  These individuals are often forced to test their way up the ranks to prove they are skilled enough to meet the demand of a position they seek.  For those people, skills tests were created to reiterate what your jobs or life experiences have taught you thus far.  With these skills tests enhancing your resume, the possibilities are equally endless in the eyes of the freelancing employer simply because the skill and experience you have obtained can easily overshadow a pricey education or a shiny degree.  Here are some basic skills test that will easily enhance your portfolio:

Typing Tests And Tutors

With the online world expanding your possibilities to endless bounds, one can easily find an online typing test to take free of charge that can gauge how fast you fall in the typing world. is a great starting point for this free assessment; if you choose to pay a small fee for a typing test, Mavis Beacon is perhaps the oldest and longest running test on the planet that can teach you finger placement and ways to increase speed without jeopardizing accuracy.  Having great typing skills is a necessity for secretaries, data entry personnel, or anyone that writes content for online or offline use.

Skills Tests On Freelance Sites

An extremely accurate means to measure what you have learned through jobs or training is to take free tests as a member of a freelance writing site such as Elance or Freelancer.  These sites offer hundreds of tests that can be taken to assess your education and knowledge in various fields such as manufacturing processes, programming knowledge, writing abilities, and much more.  You can become a free member of these sites and take these tests to enhance an online profile, enabling you to get a freelance position with a company.  The better your test scores and the more tests you take, the higher your marketability will increase, opening the windows of opportunity for you to obtain a new career.  Historically speaking, today’s social employers prefer freelance writing professionals simply because of skills tests learned; make sure you’re one of the chosen few.

Career Assessments

There are numerous top ranking job websites that can assess your career objectives and point you in the right direction in terms of tests to take, one which is Career Path.  Also, your state Workforce office has plenty of tests to take that can be printed out and added with your resume to increase marketability.  Finally, virtually every town has some form of vocational rehabilitation services that assess where you have been and compare it to where you want to go; their services are generally state funded, making them free of charge to you yet indicative of freelance writing goals you wish to achieve.

These services are out there for your long-term betterment; since most of them are free, you really should take advantage of them to enhance your portfolio or resume.  Having taken these challenging tests prepares you for focused job hunts during economic paralyses which we’re experiencing now. Skills tests are a great way for you to remember some key pieces of information you may have learned but forgotten about; when you decide to freelance online, people that see you have no established portfolio or experience may rely solely on skills tests you may have taken to make an immediate hiring decision.  It’s better to be safe than sorry in today’s competitive freelancing market – which is why you need any edge over the competition you can get and, with skills tests and assessments, you can have that very edge.

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