Prepare Your Freelancing Evacuation Kit

Prepare Your Freelancing Evacuation Kit

Imagine one day waking up, having nothing to do with no clients waiting for content or no active requests for writing freelance articles. Amplify those days into weeks, months, and even one full year; many freelancing professionals would have nothing fruitful career-wise to pay their living expenses, care for children and could potentially stand to lose drastically.  Avoiding potential employment gaps contributing to unemployment paradigms means having your freelancing evacuation kit fully stocked full.  Within your ‘kit’ you’ll need many tools, all which we’ve included below – and all which will help anyone keep sustainable employment for years to come.


Preparing your personal resume shields potential long periods of cataclysmic income loss simply by providing online hiring agencies like Indeed or Monster your marketable skills should your freelance writing bottom fall out.  Should these site already warehouse your resume, consistently updating skills as you accrue them will save time when unexpected falling outs come to pass in contingency work.  Keeping your portfolio polished at all times will allow potential employers an eagle eye view at where you’ve come from and why writing freelance prose was initially chosen by you.

Old Clientele

Remember your first contingency employment hiring? If that company or individual still contacts you personally, they’d perhaps be your fallback employer when harvesting new clients becomes difficult.  Blogs will always need updating, entrepreneurs will always wish their landing pages read more succinctly and white papers always help companies land new customers; keeping these freelance writing assignments in mind at all times, approach old clientele during slower days and check on their business progress.  They’ll appreciate your candor, future consideration will always be given to you and whenever your bottom falls out, original clients could pull you through.  Should any contracts with previous clients remain terminated permanently for some misunderstanding, always close those doors with letters of apology, even when you’ve done your best previously to rectify wrongdoing.

Personal Blogging

Perhaps another savior when freelancing has taken unexpected nosedives would materialize within personal blogging efforts you’ve managed to keep up on.  Self-promotion through social media, especially LinkedIn, has become an excellent means for freelancing pros hungry for more work to throw their names out there.  Keep writing freelance tips, tricks and personal experience using clearly readable context easily understood at all grade levels.  Throw an obviously viewable link where you can be hired, perhaps showing a slideshow of your freelance writing portfolio.  Your readers would find themselves total enamored with your call for employment while potential clientele could easily reference your work and make potential instant hiring decisions based off your penmanship capacity.

Evacuation Is Never Impossible

Keeping pace with freelancing professionals much more experienced than yourselves puts newbie contingency employees consistently within unemployment reach.  Remaining diligently active online seeking new employment opportunities, especially near the content writing sector, will provide somewhat stability in home-based income provided you’re willing to accept lower pay just to remain working.  It’s definitely dog-eat-dog when writing freelance prose, and nobody is ever safe from moment to moment, the very reason we’re providing something for everyone to think about now.

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