Perfecting Your Freelance Writing Bids

Perfecting Your Freelance Writing Bids

When it comes to bidding freelance writing projects, you must leave no stone unturned in portraying a professional image. With so many individuals bidding on a project, you have to think out of the box to get the job done. With out of the box thinking, you have to rely on the basics as well. The basics include a sound portfolio, expertise to carry out the job, skills etc. If you are a new freelance writer, and want to press the right button the first time around, then do not miss out on this article.

If you are looking to avoid getting haywire in connection to the freelance writing career, then you have to bid accurately for every project. You should decide about the projects you can take up, and bidding just for the sake of getting the job should not be the way to go. You should only bid for the projects you think will be the perfect fit. Doing so, not only you can ease your own nerves, but you can facilitate the buyer-employer relationship as well.  Amongst the numerous content writing goals for 2013 an individual should make proper bidding their goal.

According to a survey, around 50-55% people are unaware of the prerequisites of a good proposal. People end up scratching their head because of the lack of knowledge about accurately bidding for the freelance writing projects. If you are intending to be at ease while bidding for the projects, then you have to have the essential guidelines up your sleeves. Following are the top most blunders freelance writers make while bidding for the writing project, categorizing their proposal as a “bad one”.

  • No attention to Detail

Only 20% of the new freelancers pay close attention to the project description. Others just submit the proposal without bothering to have a look at the requirements of the employer. Needless to say, but the freelancers giving attention to what the employer has to say are more likely to be awarded the job.  If you’ve read the 18 useful resources for self-publishing closely, attention to detail is written everywhere.  Listen closely to these steps.

  • Vague Proposal Devoid of any Relevant Facts/Information

As a freelance writer, you must ensure the employer/buyer about your credentials. You should answer to the employer’s queries etc; as otherwise, it is more than likely that your proposal would not fetch you the intended results.

  • Short Proposal

If you do not have time to write a proper proposal, then you cannot expect to enjoy the perquisites of freelance writing. When you speak of a bad proposal, writing short proposals is something you have to avoid all the times. Short 1-2 line proposals reflect as if you are in haste, and 90% of the times, such proposal is declined or overlooked.

  • Hesitancy in Calling a Spade a Spade

When it comes to writing a proposal for the freelance writing project, you have to be honest about the project while submitting the proposal. If you are unaware/ unsure about something, then you must clarify or ask for more information in your proposal. Other than that, you must specify realistic deadlines for the completion of the job. You should not be shy of speaking honestly to the employer through your proposal.

Attributes Of Good Proposals

The above-mentioned are some of the areas you need to work on to enjoy a constant inflow of the writing jobs. You must also equip yourself with the attributes of a good proposal.  When the era of freelancing erupts in 2013 and your not prepared with proper bidding, don’t be surprised if your left behind if these tips aren’t followed.

  • Add Value

The buyers/employers are fond of fresh ideas conveyed through the proposals. You must be willing to add value to your proposal by offering fresh and innovative ideas. It will make the journey easier for you, as abiding by this guideline can increase your chances of getting the job. According to a survey, 70% of the freelancers offering a “Way Out” and other possible suggestions are awarded the job, irrespective of them being new or seasoned freelance writers.

  • Ask Questions

To keep the buyer involved and to portray a professional image, you must ask questions not just to negate any confusion, but also it can help the buyer recognize the auto-generated proposals.

  • Link Your previous Work

If you are starting your career as a freelance writer, then it is better for you to have something to show to the buyers. You can publish your work at various online sites/article directories and enhance your freelancing portfolio quite quickly. Offering a link to your previous work increases your chances of getting the desired freelance writing job and will make your bidding worthwhile.

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