Keeping Your Freelance Writing Skills Polished

Keeping Your Freelance Writing Skills Polished

When your freelancing work days have dwindled down due to slow times, it’s time to take downtime seriously and keep your freelance writing skills polished up for your next batch of work.  Sure, you’d rather do something with your free time indicative of ‘fun’ yet becoming the best freelancing professional possible means sacrificing excitement for education.  One of the hard truths about freelance work is facing potentially trying times such as being outbid for work you’d normally bag easily, or having clientele inform you that your writing style is just plain ‘old school’.  Therefore, we’ll concentrate on methods you can concentrate on to shine up your suddenly clouded writing skills.

Proofread Other’s Work

Taking the time to assist other authors with manuscript polishing, correcting grammar on websites or even just suggestions on improving articles can assist your own long-term writing efforts.  Besides, proofreading jobs pay extremely well, all things considered, and can fill up your boring days waiting for content writing positions to open up.  Make sure you begin with comfortably sized proofreading projects such as small white papers, articles or zero-ten page websites.

Study Copywriting Rules

Google doesn’t play nice with plagiarism, spinning or anything else that has to do with taking someone else’s written sunshine.  In fact, freelance writers writing copy for websites that try to get away with spinning the pre-existing verbiage of other websites could find themselves without a job and potential lawsuits.  If you need to learn more about copywriting rules per Google algorithmic standards, simply run queries related to your concerns or questions.  Writing succinct web copy, printed works or even social media posts that has self-purported derivitives means your words will be much more appreciated as opposed to rehashing someone’s hard-thought wording.

Take Typing Tests

If you cannot afford to purchase Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor, you can definitely find free typing skills assessments, tests and tutorials online.  Since many of your clients will have deadlines needing strict adherence, heavy concentration on accurate and fast typing speeds should be your goal.  Software, of course, is definitely available for nominal fees; the necessity for purchasing this software is minimal when these typing services are available free online.


You’ll need to take your spare time to study, take on proofreading work and do everything possible to assist in your writing skills.  In order to perfectly understand your client’s growing needs and in order to maintain strict deadlines, you’ll find it beneficial to make practicing your typing, proofreading and general freelance writing knowledge habitual if you wish to remain ahead of the stiff freelancing competition.

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