How To Write A Good Essay In International Relations

How To Write A Good Essay In International Relations

International Relations is one of the most popular and interesting degrees. It is preferred by many students who have flair for international and current affairs and global policy-making. It is a degree which will have you prepared for a variety of subjects such as policy-making, political parties, international organisations, human rights, etc. International Relations however, is a reading and writing intensive degree, and often requires the ability to digest information quickly and efficiently. With a weekly reading volume of 200 pages per week for some programmes, many students find it daunting to meet the requirements of this subject. In addition, they struggle to complete their written assignments, even for their freelancing clients, which very often are required on a weekly basis. Whether you have to submit a research paper, a policy paper or a report, you need a particular set of skills to satisfy the high standards, which International Relations tutors often have. This article offers some useful tips on how to write a good quality student essay in International Relations.

Be critical!

Many essay writing service websites offer academic help for students in International Relations. They all agree that one of the most important requirements for a good IR essay is critical analysis.

Regardless of what subject you have to write your student essay in, you will have to conduct thorough research and select your topic carefully. For the International Relations however, more than any other academic field, you have to show your tutors the ability to approach information critically. International Relations essays are often centred on a debatable question, where you cannot take someone’s research entirely for granted. If you are dealing with theories of International Relations and their applications for modern politics for example, you need to discuss your chosen theories in a critical manner, to explain their strengths, weaknesses and possible contributions for the study of the subject.

Remember, in order to show critical thinking, you need to be able to defend your position. For example, if you think that Realism as a theory is not useful in understanding the modern international system, you need to explain why this is the case and to critique the findings of its main proponents, as well as opponents. Also, you need to offer an alternative to this theory and give accurate examples. It is very important for your tutors to see that you are prepared to analyse because in international relations theory, every piece of information can be challenged. This also impacts the way you select your resources for your papers. Always be careful about bias, and about political agendas. In a complex, nuanced field like the International Relations, sometimes finding objective publications, especially on debatable subjects, can be very difficult. Therefore you have to be careful how you select your data, as well as your sources, and to question other researchers’ statements, findings and positions.

Know current events!

Knowledge of current events is absolutely crucial for writing a good essay in International Relations. Make sure that while you conduct your research you follow the news and media regularly, and you are as updated as possible. This applies for the whole duration of your course. International Relations is not just a theory–based degree that happened then and there – it is taking place here and now, especially in the business blog content world. The World Economic Forum in Davos for example or the failure of the UN Security Council to reach unanimity regarding Syria will definitely have effect on future international relations, and  this is very likely to be connected to what you are writing about.

Of course, IR is a very dynamic, diversified degree and your essay topics may range from “Constructivism and its application in modern international relations” to “The role of public opinion and mass media in US foreign policy”. Although some of your disciplines will be more related to past events or withering trends in politics, always think about their implication for the modern international system. In your essays try to show that you see these connections and your tutors will appreciate your analytical skill, and your ability to relate events in a particular context.

Talking about correlations, for the International Relations it is very important to know how to use previous knowledge for your essays. You will study a variety of subjects as part of your degree, and these may range from Sociology and International Law to Comparative Politics of Europe and Grant Writing. The connections between these subjects however are very important. Learn to apply what you covered in one course to the other, even if your essays are assignments for different subjects. All that matters is to be able to show these connections clearly, and to explain how every piece of information fits your argument.

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