How To Move On When Freelancing Career Ends

How To Move On When Freelancing Career Ends

Professional careers always come with many ups and downs and freelancing is nothing which could be construed as an exception. It is not so easy for freelancers to make themselves competitive and ensure a remarkable profile as a successful professional freelancer. Even freelancing could suddenly cut into someone’s career if any freelancer failed to follow the regular and minimum norms to work as a freelancer. There is no shortage of professional and expert freelancers on the market. A large number of clients are coming with numerous work orders for those freelancers in a regular manner, and the competition among the freelance workers are getting higher than any time before.

The popular and recognized freelance platforms have already implemented some terms and conditions for both employees and the freelancers in order to ensure a proper environment for freelancing, and to ensure you’ll never go broke to the point of needing fast cash to get by. Even though, some freelancers are getting out of the track and banned from freelance platform due some unexpected or ignored situation.  Here, you will find a brief about what to do if your find yourself in the same position and still interested to continue and career as a freelancer.

Discover Reasons For Being Banned

If you are not sure about why you are banned from any freelance platform, then find out the actual reason behind it. Renowned freelance platforms like Elance or Odesk is allowing the freelancers to post any job as a contractor, as well. Many freelancers are delivering their workloads to other freelancers through this process. There is nothing wrong with this approach, as long as the freelancers are fair with their given terms, conditions and payment issue. Problem arises when someone refuses to clear the payment even after they got their work done by other freelancers. Authority of the freelance platforms are taking such issues seriously, and they prefer to ban any user from that platform for such complaints. This is one of the most common reason for which freelancers are getting banned from those freelance platforms.

Elance has already implemented very effective solution to prevent such fraud, which is known as ‘payment escrowing’ method. Freelancers at Elance are advised not to start working on any project unless the client escrow the payment. Even though, the freelancers have started working on un-escrowed projects, as it is getting difficult to confirm any job as a new freelancer in a place like Elance. Odesk and some other major freelance platforms are still continuing without such ‘payment escrowing’ mechanism and freelance writers with bad intention can manipulate other freelancers through it.

It is a common and in-general solution to open a new account with another e-mail ID, if someone is getting banned from one or more freelancing platform. It is advised not to get involved in freelance marketplaces with such bad intention, as things are getting harder for bad people to earn money by doing fraud through freelance platforms. Some freelance platforms can ban your IP if you are doing the same fraud again and again, and you will not be able to get access to that freelancer platform even with a new account. A fair intention and professional approach can help people stay away from such problems in the freelancing marketplace.

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