How To Control Your Freelancing Destiny

How To Control Your Freelancing Destiny

Transforming your once boring career into freelance writing excitement comes with exponentially wonderful challenges.  Facing potential futuristic ambiguity through unplanned contingencies, however, could thwart your ability to gain momentum which turns freelancing into career-long workloads.  For every day you survive the freelance world, there needs to be two days of planned future strategies which we’ll highlight with clarity throught this article.  You’ll need even more planning if your choice is freelance IT from your home since much more planning goes into this field as opposed to other more finite career choices.

Choosing Wisely

An entirely common freelancing mistake is made before the job is even secured – asking for more work than you’re capable of handling.  Instead of worrying about getting rich quick or giving yourself an enormous migraine, take only small projects which can be perfectly completed on-time.  As you’ve circumvented throughout the freelance writing galaxy, progressively add extra work as your schedule permits and your skill set will allow.  This will alleviate getting angry clients who want their article or white paper on-time without excuses as to why it wasn’t.

Set Reasonable Payment Guidelines

Even with Harvard credentials or 100 years editing with the Washington Post, you’ll still need to set reasonable initial payment terms since not everyone is Donald Trump rich.  You could put editing at $.02 a word until you’ve proven your worth, and maybe $1.00 per basic SEO article until your clients see how well you can semantically create articles which gain rank.  One major quirk about freelance writing payment terms is how many people want $30.00 an article from total strangers; it just won’t happen.  Why do you think that stories about how companies offering permanent spots to freelancers are surfacing more these days? It’s because it’s a budget thing; don’t push your luck right out of the gate.

If your client chooses to put you on an hourly rate, make sure to gauge your WPH against your minimal acceptable per word cost.  So, if you wish to make $.0125 per word and can pump out 1200 words an hour, you can set your hourly rate at $15.00.  Make sure you have an excellent means to track hourly wages similar to how Elance does it.

Continuously Self-Educate

The opportunities that encompass the freelancing realm are endless IF you are willing to remain on or above the learning curve.  Those who simply stick with SEO writing without learning dissertation editing, or the reverse, will probably get left behind when many employers solely deploy contingency based employees like freelance writing pros.  Take an online course, download free eBooks and even jump on forums which discuss the many rights and wrongs about freelance work in general.  You’ll be glad you took the initiative to do so.

Final Thoughts

For the sake of your writing future, and the securities your client seek in trusting large projects in your hands, always avoid plagiarizing content no matter how fast you wish to complete a project.  It will hurt your chances to ever gain trust and, more importantly, it defies the laws of writing which state that copywriting is not copy my writing no matter what.  Let that sink in now before graven mistakes in freelance writing are made that ruin your career permanently.

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