Honest Explications Of Freelance Writing

Honest Explications Of Freelance Writing

Several long decades ago, local newspaper journalists delivered daily news fixations which interested folk still thumb through today.  Times change, trends grow old and internet happens, creating several million know-it-all writers hiding in closets, basements, small office cubicles – even Siberia.  One congratulatory statement aimed towards freelance writing gurus is tomorrow will guarantee something new will need written or perhaps even light copy editing work will be requested.  Another promise, however, is you’re not the guaranteed source of these freelancing assignments.  Suck it up, buttercup.

Without sugarcoating reality, you’ll now receive an honest explication of freelance writing which applies to assignments, your clients and overdue credit cards.

The Next Big Thing…Is It You?

As previously stated, you’re not guaranteed one sentence of new work. This statement, indicative of changing clientele prerequisites, has everything to do with your ability to shine under pressure, willingness to learn about freelance topics you’ve never heard and ability to deliver unthinkably perfect work.  You’ll find thousands much like yourself, pretentiously beating on keyboards only to commit egregious writing errors or spin content to gather quick payments.  They last all of thirty seconds, too.

Clients deserve your best, regardless what freelancing level you fall into.  Some may require thesis editing, while others may need content refreshed to better position themselves in search engine results. Irrespective to pay demands, building solid rapport with clientele goes much further than ‘one off’ writers simply dying for quick bucks.  Businesses need the next big thing, and would love for that entity to be you.  Problem is, humans lacking selfish compositions come once every thousand contractors hired.

Rehashing Gets Old

Freelance writing means reflective thinking; having the ability, in other words, to place yourself within situations and literally see ideologies with three-headed viewpoints creates written perfection every time.  Everyone knows about internet marketing, SEO and seemingly endless articles about doing ‘this or that’; we’re honestly all tired of masticating the same information like some cud-chewing goat.  Therefore, write something new, pragmatic yet nothing everyone’s seen several million times over using mind and heart.

Sure, you’ve read the previous paragraph on freelance writing sites, too; until this sinks in, I will also impose such factual writings.  Maybe then we’ll find reprieve from knock-off article writing fools.

Work With Fervor

Freelance writers often discover working long hours doesn’t pan out, forcing themselves to cut back.  Unfortunately, cutbacks mean lower pay, especially when asked to pump out massive articles for high traffic businesses.  Suck away your fervor, and you’ll find yourself chosen for $1.00 per 500 word article farming jobs; write like tomorrow doesn’t exist, and you’ll find yourself well-positioned for future work with clients prepared to spend handsomely for writing finesse like you’ve prove is possible.

Society lacks true passion for work produced, often times rewriting articles off news sites simply to sell again.  Since these acts take value away from true first-look news clips, businesses or entrepreneurs purchasing articles get ripped off, inexorably, by prosaic-minded people portraying they know enough about freelance writing to perform requested duties yet really have little clue.

We Conclude…

Avoid being the ostentatious freelance writing juggernaut that beats their keys all day for some eventually diminishing monetary gain.  True words resonate forever; receiving compensatory appreciation should become an arbitrary part of daily workloads, especially when having true relationships while being employed as freelance writers should be of higher importance.  When our world’s contingency employees begin writing better, we’ll stop complaining about how society should be more verbally astute.  Until then, we’ll keep on angering society with our factual, albeit brief, accounts of how many freelance writing ‘pros’ pump out content like ‘schmucks’.

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