Freelancing Through The Holidays

Freelancing Through The Holidays

Freelancing is a now considered as a common and professional way of doing any project and getting the project done correctly.  A large number of freelancers are now involved with one or more freelance marketplaces over the Internet. Experts and professionals from different professions are providing their services to global clients through freelancing. To some people, freelancing is the only way to earn money and they have considered freelancing as their core career. In the other hand, some other people are involved in freelancing to lift up their financial crisis by freelancing in a part time basis. There are multiple freelance marketplaces are now dealing with more than thousands of freelancers and contractors, who are transacting more than million dollar transactions.

Why Freelance During Holidays?

Getting involved with freelancing during the holidays is a common practice among part time freelancers. It is mainly followed by those people, who want to earn some extra cash beside of their regular salary or income. A large number of freelancers are taking freelancing as their part time career and a certain portion among them are involved with freelancing during holidays. Some part time freelancers are freelancing on their weekly holidays in a regular manner, and some others are only thinking about freelancing during the long holiday periods. Besides these regular holiday freelancers, some other people are also getting involved in freelancing during their holidays but in an irregular manner.  Many people would rather question the meaning of freelance rather than stand beside those who work diligently during holiday seasons.

Interesting Factoids

It is hard to find the ultimate professionalism and dedication among holiday contingency workers as most of them have taken it as their secondary source of income. Holiday workers are always give more priority to their regular jobs. According to a survey report, around 21 percent of freelancers are spending either 0 to 10 hours or 11 to 22 hours per week. This segment of freelancers are normally known as holiday freelancers and they are freelancing on a part time basis.

In a broader analysis, around 56 percent of the freelance workers are female and rest 44 percent are male. But, most of the holiday freelancers are male where female freelancers are likely to working as a full time freelancer. According to another survey report, around 9 percent of the job seeker or job holders have preferred contingency-based employment as their part time career and the secondary source to earn some extra cash.

How Freelancers Impact The Marketplace During Holidays

Holiday freelancing has both positive and negative impact on the freelance market.  It is true that the holiday freelancer and other writing professionals are representing a very small portion of the overall marketplace, but they also bring some positive impact on the market by different ways. The number of freelancers are getting higher than before due to the participation of holiday contingency works, and this also helps the writing markets to enable incremental growth. On the other hand, the lack of proper dedication and professionalism of holiday copywriters is disrupting the stability of the freelance marketplace, as well. It is the time for copywriting or salespersons within each community to implement some effective mechanisms so that there can be a check and balance approach for holiday freelancers in the marketplace.

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