Freelancing In Forma Pauperis

Freelancing In Forma Pauperis

Standard conventions of freelancing dictate some financial infusion could be required, whether joining contingency employment platforms, advertising one’s self through high traffic areas or even submitting guest posts which generally come with charges for placement. Living in our current taciturn economy, however, means everyone will inevitably be stabbing their steely knives at the freelancing juggernaut, albeit in vain.  Freelancing, the defendant in above stated cause, presents itself to potential clientele in forma pauperis with hopes of gaining just enough traction to increase income and climb the ladder.  We commence proceedings against defendant in hopes of rendering some decision whether writing freelance contents while deemed a pauper could prevail today.

Poor Doesn’t Mean Unintelligible

While clientele are tired of dealing with dastardly deeds from those spinning articles, plagiarizing or even taking the money and run, poor folks shouldn’t be looked upon as ‘conniving’, especially when intelligence offered could provide business fruition.  Those who’ve scrounged up the spare change to take freelance journalism seminars or classes, for example, may not have financial means of consistent support of themselves yet have ambitions of pleasing clients far beyond their small apartment walls. While many clients will never specifically ask how economically stable each freelance writing contractor is, certain indicators like having no websites or portfolios would definitely make the clientele think.

Asking Instead Of Mendicantly Approaching

One’s state of destitution shouldn’t invoke question when writing samples or short portfolios are presented.  Approaching potential clients with mendicant connotations, however, could gauge your mentality as ‘desperate’, causing freelancing employment granted to once savvy writers to invariably suffer.  Whether you eat Ramen noodles or caviar shouldn’t dictate work ethic – your approach, however, will dictate whether clientele hire you.  Based off this mitigating factor alone, writing freelance prose favors everyone, including those presenting themselves to clients in forma pauperis.  Your financial status, in other words, is arbitrary when your approach merits the chance to prove your worth in writing, editing, programming or whatever skills clients ask of freelancers.

Poor Often Means Desperate

It’s known fact desperate times will inevitably call for measures out of destitute.  Letting potential clients your working for your next meal, however, could cause more harm to your end goals, and skepticism within client’s mindset.  Sure, nobody embellishes starvation everyday; letting the world know in your job hunting pitch, however, will not render positivity.  When freelancing in forma pauperis, bear in mind that actually sharing your current financial or sociological status isn’t advisable, especially when getting your foot in the door.  Much like ‘Hail Mary’ passes in football, desperation moves in freelance writing nomenclature usually end up badly for everyone involved.

Write Now, Eat Later

Nobody will ask total starvation to occur before writing for them; when one says to write now and eat later, remember to put clientele before your personal needs, albeit their level of suffering.  Building rapport with clients, providing their much needed content and formation of long-term relationships could feed multiple family members, per se; therefore, keep the big freelancing picture firmly ahead of you while working.  Starving artists never truly find their way out of perdition; work your tail off researching, writing and handling the work presented to yourself and leave obvious whimpers of your current personal situation off the bargaining table.

The Verdict

Freelance writing is where our current economic growth resides; regardless of current financial or social status, copywriting freelance prose from the heart, regardless if in forma pauperis or not, will continually land future gigs. Showing your clients you’ve grasped how to freelance for them will offer opportunities for future growth; begging for work due to current ‘poor’ financial status will simply prove desperation to clients which – as it usually goes – desperate writings usually have bad outcomes.  Therefore, never let your socioeconomic status bleed through your paper; hold face and take care of business once paid if freelancing is what your desire is.

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