Freelancing Debunks Cubicle Myths

Freelancing Debunks Cubicle Myths

It’s square, often comes with annoying neighbors while denigrating your once grandiose dreams for eight or more hours each day. Although many would conveniently put their in-laws within this description, we’re actually discussing the cubicle, the proverbial life-sucking, never morphing quick enough into Bermuda box where you’ll spend twenty years complaining that life never got better. You’ll inexorably spend years accumulating student loan debts, pub night debaucheries and endless essay writing college days only to get reduced to somebody’s corporate ‘bitch’. Congrats, hombre.

Saving your wild dreams, predetermined freelance writing plans or lifelong ambitions is achievable once you become an educated debunker who discredits these myths about the rectangular Hades you conveniently complain is your ‘work area’.

CEO’s Aren’t Conceived From Cubicles

This notion is often believed due to street hired, corporate elected or simply ‘birthed into office’ CEO’s who mysteriously show up one meeting to announce they’ve taken the helm. Scratching your head (and probably calling this character anything but human under breath), you accept the change, fearing your once cozy office will turn into some welterweight bout for your red stapler. Relax, check your motives and remember that your Prius payment is due. Once calmed, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I really being the employee I could be?
  • Have previous egregious paper pushing mistakes prevented promotion?
  • When I’m being overlooked, am I also being under-appreciated?

CEO-material is conceived from closets, homeless shelters and yes…that nightmarish cubicle. Perhaps search yourselves thoroughly without prejudice for contributions you could make towards corporate decisions, job betterment or marketing innovations instead of endlessly weeping over spilled lattes while the ‘doers’ trump the ‘watchers’. Fully understanding your path to greatness means surveying the ground which that path was built upon, perhaps even knowing there’s better ambitions for you, like learning about freelance writing.

Handling the corporate reins means individuals must make rough decisions – often ones which kindhearted souls like yourselves should be adequately equipped to handle. Saying that caliber of person can’t come from cubicles merely means your mindset has been narrowed by your work area.  If this doesn’t appease you, reading how Freelancer buys vWorker, potential freelancing domination looms should shed adequate light on how tough handling the helm really is.

Freelancing Careers Don’t Get Better From Here

Being stuck inside three walls with only one clear view of the water cooler would make any sensible mind wander outward, dreaming of bigger aspirations you’ve once possessed. Without formally introducing yourself to better opportunities, doors will continually close before your eyes. Disregarding employment caveats your office mates flood your ear canal with while proving your mother-in-law wrong could happen with one sleight of hand, if:

  • You spend your free time wisely, educating yourself on current opportunities abroad;
  • Doors of opportunity are approached with fearlessness instead of uncertainty;
  • Implore the employment Gods to bestow your weakened spirit with strength;
  • Live, think and discover ‘outside the box’ instead of sticking your nose in paper all day.

Although my own thoughts could be pretentious, I believe many professionals thoroughly understand that whatever bed they make inevitably becomes occupied by them. Blaming unfortunate happenstance, a strange blonde hooker or your college professor who never graded your dissertation fairly will be for nothing. Picking up your courage, dusting off your ingenuity and severing ties with ill-gotten thinking will clear your cranial mechanism, permitting your eyes to see what is hot, why it’s trending and how you can become part of that freelancing path.

I’ve Heard It All Before…


Well, if this was ultimately the case, the graphics designed on this site are nifty, yet probably not your sole purpose for reading this article. Should you have it all figured out, tough guy, you’d probably have that Maserati Quattroporte you’ve scoped out for three years instead of some cheaply built Smart car. You’d probably have little use for reading this article since, of course, know-it-all’s bleed information that media dies for, the little guy dreams about and some executives would pay for.

I didn’t think so.

Sitting comfortably inside your second home, you’ve fallen into some self-purported comfort zone where anything which changes your picket fence, housewife and Saint Bernard is construed as ‘implausible’. Not saying that rescue dogs, fencing or women are bad; just making you aware that breaking the cycle of thinking your inevitable path towards being Jones’s was destined since birth will allow anti-cubicle opportunities to materialize much quicker.

I had never understood, for example, the simplistic nature of freelance writing online until I finally got off my semi-skinny ass, did some research, made a few mini-investments and now find myself filled with joy every night when I look into my kitten’s eyes. An acquired joy which may never have presented itself unless I made that concerted effort – until I decided my lack of vehicular reliability needed upgraded to the 2012 VW Jetta I call ‘Katie’ was purchased, thanks to my relentless pursuit of job betterment.

Conclusion Drawn…

Since, of course, you’ve ‘heard it all before’, you have two options from the conclusion of this letter: find the satisfaction, reward and freelancing recognition you feel is merited, or crawl back into your cubicle, grab your proverbial ankles and take one for the team. Be the doer who beats the pavement during lunch seeking opportunity in beast mode instead of popping a woody over the finance chick who is banging your boss.

Debunk the cubicle before some overpaid freelancing counselor is hired to demystify you. Be a doer.

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