Freelance Writing Will Break Down Paid Content Walls

Freelance Writing Will Break Down Paid Content Walls

Are you intending to overcome the metered pay walls rolled out by the newspapers? Do you agree with the notion of journalists earning money by monetizing their sites, instead of charging the readers? Are you looking to break down the paid content walls first introduced by the New York Times? If this is the case, then the waiting game is over. Indeed, freelance writing can help you come across quality content without having to pay for it. Recently, many Canadian based newspapers such as Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen have also introduced the paid subscription for the readers, in other words- the Metered Content Walls.

Do the Pay Walls Actually Help the Print Advertising?

The counter agreement given by the newspaper agencies is the benefit the content walls offer to the print advertising. However, is it really the case? Well, on the face of it, the extra revenue for the newspapers does not seem to contribute towards the print advertising, at all. Do you actually think the newspapers will invest the extra bucks back into the industry rather than growing their own company? If the newspaper agencies are that circumspect about the print media industry, then they should first ensure the users enjoy a peace of mind. With these content barriers, it would actually harm the journalism, instead of offering any benefit.

Increased Page views Aren’t Enough?

With the pay-per-click option, newspapers can enjoy hefty income online. When the content is engaging and offering quality read to the readers, then the number of page views will increase automatically. So, what is the point in charging the readers, when the newspaper sites can capitalize on the advertising income. The freelancing content providers, or simply the writer unleashed to provide prose, offers top-quality content without you having to pay for it. Furthermore, enticing the readers by offering excerpt or few introductory lines, and then making them pay for the remainder is certainly not on.

Does Ad-Support Put Journalism Under Jeopardy?

The New York Times and other newspaper sites are of the view that ad-support is not the way to go for journalism. The news outlets go to the extent of referring to the ad-support as the page view whoring. One thing is for certain, if the content is quality high, then the news sites do not have to search for the eyeballs, paving the way for ad-revenue. This may be because of the lack of confidence the news outlets have in their content. Looking at the other side of the fence, freelance content writers are no less when it comes to talent and skill in comparison to the journalists. The freelance writers, however, have the ability to attract readers by offering engaging yet highly informative content. With this, the ad revenue becomes the name of the game for the sites run by the freelance writers.

The Content Walls Lead to Negativity

The main idea of having a pay wall is to keep the free readers away. It means the news outlets prefer the readers having paid subscriptions, and look down upon the ones intending for free content? Is it fair? Isn’t it bias? Use your own brains to answer these. With this, the content walls pave the way for negativity creeping into the society, and jolting it hard.

Repositories like the California Digital Newspaper Collection have given access to plentiful archived information; why should our society of freelancers have to read content – probably some which they wrote – that costs?

What Do Freelance Writers Have in Store for You?

Freelance writing is an art, and not everyone can master that. Freelance professionals possess the skills required to serve the appetite of readers for quality and useful content. The freelance writers are always spot-on with certain exceptions, which are always there. If you are intending to break down the pay walls, then folks, freelance writing is the next big thing you can rely on.

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