Freelance Writing Frees You From Job Perdition

Freelance Writing Frees You From Job Perdition

Career-minded individuals tend to follow proven methods of changing jobs if they are literally shown live results of a person or people that successfully followed a trend or tried a service.  The below is a live account of one man who went from literal career hell to discovering his true job calling, which he finally discovered to be writing, all while making a better living for his family during the process. You read it here first.

The Journey Begins…

My name is Dave, 39, and I literally have been through the worst phases of career hell that one can possibly imagine.  Although each person has their own versions of Hades, my version is quite nasty.  I graduated from high school in a small Illinois town in 1992 with aspirations of running my own business one day – hoping to have that wrapped up by my 25th birthday.  Since I knew nothing about business management, I figured the first logical step would be to get some sort of education.  Off to college I went, lasting the two years it took to get an Associate’s Degree in business management.  Wanting to continue but not having much parental financial support, I had to ditch my chance at a continued education and hit the work world, landing a job with an automobile manufacturer as a Quality Control specialist.  The hours were long, the bosses were unkind and the coworkers seemed either disinterested in friendships or were simply anti-social.  This career lasted about 6 years until I was finally sick of dealing with belittlement on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, overall economic status wasn’t great during that era; even being told that focused job hunts during economic paralyses would revive my goals didn’t help.  It was time for that one forgotten element – that fearless moral inventory – to transpire.

Fearless Moral Inventory Time…

One day, I sat down and did a cost-benefit analysis on my life, trying to figure out what I was doing to attract jobs that were morally degrading and emotionally unsatisfying.  Once I finally realized the ideology that it was my mind directing traffic instead of my heart and desire, I sat down and did another cost-benefit analysis on my skills, finding out what would best match my creative characteristics in terms of a job.  The results of that little test blew my mind and did make me cry: I should try writing.

Knowing that there were no shortage of Anne Rice’s or James Patterson’s in this world, I needed to simply figure out what I was supposed to write about.  My cost-benefit analysis told me that I do love computers, the web and helping others, yet I didn’t have much time to sit back and let words come to me since bills were overdue.  Then I literally stumbled into this scandalous website that promised me that they had a database of freelance writing jobs that I could pay $49.95 to access, which I did.  Losing my tail and having nearly zero cash now that I made that mistake along with a few more, I nearly had hit the bottom and was on my way to McDonalds for a job until my email showed me the website I currently call my workplace angel: Elance.

In Walks Elance…

With the platform that Elance has in place, thousands of employers post needed ‘gigs’ or even full blown jobs that they need filled quickly and, since it is often times easier to outsource work than have it done in-house, many of these jobs are posted daily.  Deciding that I had nothing to lose, I joined initially as a free member and threw up my profile, took some of their skills tests, and used up my free credits to land my first gig: writing a market research report.  After successfully completing that assignment, I not only realized how much I enjoyed no selfless squid over my shoulder pressuring me to get it done, but I came out really well on that first job and was able to upgrade my membership to the maximum possible size.

From that assignment on to where I am today, I have found that my true calling all along was freelance writing and assisting others with their computer-related and website woes; as my reputation has increased, my workload has increased, and I am extremely satisfied with my choice.  And to think I was nearly in my car ready to work at a fast-food chain for less pay!

Freelancing Freed Me…

The secret to escaping job perdition is more than just filling out resumes and having a pretty cover letter; it is finding what you really love to do within yourself.  I thought owning a business was my teenage calling, and now that I am 39, I write about subjects I love, assist people to realize their website’s potential, and offer myself day or night for whatever needs have to be met by my clients.  And it only took writing a cost benefit analysis on my life to pull out the true career which I now excel in.  Now that I love freelance work so much, it will more than like be what I retire on.

Is freelancing on Elance right for you? I have not seen Elance do anything wrong, ever.  My paydays are when I make them; usually takes my bank less than 12 hours to post from them.  They use a fair system of ratings and have the best work around.  I have no problems stating more that would make you a believer; all I can say is that you are missing out by not trying this service.  It changed my life and continues to give me wonderful feelings of accomplishment every day.  Get out of your current hellish career and walk right into doing what you love the most; start by analyzing yourself and what you really love and perhaps then try the world of freelance which is showing no signs of slowing down.

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