Freelance Blog Articles Succinctly Written

Freelance Blog Articles Succinctly Written

Many different blog articles will be fully expected to be written perfectly during your freelance writing career; in business, blog articles will definitely be in your repertoire as freelancing professionals upkeep many biz blogs around the world.  Businesses are relatively easy to write blog articles about, yet writing business blog articles will nearly prepare you for writing business plans since many of the information found in business plans will go into your blog article.  Below we’ve constructed some time-saving tips for writing a business blog article quickly, accurately and with excellent client satisfaction potential.

Focus On Outline

Your outline will becomes the springboard which houses the remaining ideas you’ll research and write into each section.  Therefore, once you’ve gotten the format down, you’ll breeze through the remaining parts.  The outline could potentially look like this:

  • Title of business niche / idea / company being explored
  • Introduction paragraph with key facts
  • Body which will house your research, opinion and facts which should check out
  • Closing paragraph containing the basic wrap-up of everything written
  • Final text area citing all sources (unless done via deep link)

This outline is loose, meaning that different freelance writing clientele will have variances in expectations.

Prepare For Research

Business content will have exhaustive research, and spending one full day gathering data, facts and figures of interest should already be in your repertoire.  You’ll want to jot down notes along the way, and make sure to keep your citations in order for writing your content.  Once you’ve gathered enough information, you can rough draft the first part and make sure you feel comfortable with your findings.

Corporate blog content needs special attention because the facts can easily be proven, or instantly disproved, costing money and traffic.  Therefore, when writing about something that physically exists, or existed, make sure every word you speak is factually provable.  Your rough draft could very well be written over and over several dozen times.  This is expected, and not abnormal; always make sure your final draft is well-polished and never consist of stolen verbiage since we’re all aware that copywriting is not copy my writing – or, so we hope, right?

If you already know that you’ll need time for research and asking for help from friends, never begin writing or researching when the time has run short because you’ll end up writing too quickly and miss important facts within your content which the client was looking for.  Instead of waiting until the last minute, make sure you allow at least 1-2 days for perfect writing which includes taking ample breaks and allowing for revisions if necessary.  This is general rule of thumb unless writing SEO content.

Write Outline Immediately

The outline of your articles needs written immediately when it’s fresh in your mind; even if you set the remaining task down for several days, you still need to complete the ‘skeleton’ of your business content.  This will allow for quick remembrance of your writing topic after resting for several hours.  The outline needs to simply conform to what your teacher told you would be necessary, including making your headings with Roman numerals or attractive subheadings.  Never try to write the outline immediately when it’s known to be due as this will render abysmal results – along with zero payment.

Articles business professionals will assign freelancing professionals never have set page limits; therefore, you may end up writing 25 pages, or simply 1.  Regardless of size, always leave ample time for deep line editing which means sentence-level checking for proper grammar, subject usage and punctuation.  If you feel editing may be too difficult, hire someone outside your circle who can view your finished goods with fresh eyes.  This step is vital in making the proper corrections before turning in to client for payment.

Always Remember

Having the best possible business blog articles means you’ll need to pour dozens of hours into writing the outline, perhaps several hours gathering business demographic information and perhaps another full hour or two writing your drafts.  Remember that all facts should be amply cited and factually correct since you could be under scrutiny for lying or misappropriating information about something which exists.  Finally, never steal any quotes without proper attribution, and never plagiarize other papers you may encounter online which is basically the freelance writing unwritten code of conduct.

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