Four Stocking Stuffers For Freelancers

Four Stocking Stuffers For Freelancers

Standard daily practices for freelancers around the globe could include debunking myths, writing useful prose for self-gratification or client demands and even editing occasional manuscripts before publishing deadlines.  With Christmas upon us, perhaps it’s time for extending our hands to thank those reliable freelancing wizards who’ve kept our websites running, met important deadlines or worked for far less than they deserved to so they’d win client’s future business.  What better way of rewarding heavy-duty penmanship champs than by offering these four stocking stuffers freelancers around the world appreciate more than doodads, trinkets or whatnot’s.

Repeat Assignments

Perhaps you’d thought our article would circumnavigate the retail world, plucking pitifully cheap items from box stores or Amazon to send to contractors you’ve worked with.  Sorry to disappoint.

Repeat assignments hold equivocally high value to other large cash prizes or payouts which freelance writing professionals receive throughout the year.  In many professional writer’s opinions, having 10,000 more assignments for less far outweighs instant riches off one or two lucrative assignments.  At least that’s my opinion if asked what I’d prefer.  Since recent news clippings depict how focused job hunts during economic paralyses increase one’s success ratio, freelancers are concentrating harder on making several long-term relationships to avoid hitting the streets again.  Giving them repeat work this holiday season could be your best gift ever.

Word Processing Software Updates

Perhaps trivial to some freelance writing professionals, word processing programs – namely Word – are rather expensive when starting out.  When new clients have hired freelancers for projects which they have plenty of knowledge to offer yet lack proper software could be problematic.  Why not spring for an updated version of Office Home and Student or Business for your favorite freelancing professionals?  You’ll springboard their career, get your work done correctly and offer them something plausible for future use.  The small token of both appreciation and deserving nature could go much farther than cash bonuses or other mundane gifts.

If you wish to achieve your content writing goals for 2013 and love your current freelancing professional enough to keep them, perhaps springing for this software would be helpful two-ways.

Plagiarism Credits or Subscriptions

You want original content.  They want to deliver original sentences which haven’t been commonly used within your business niche.  To assist in making both dreams realistically attainable, you’ll need more than common freebie plagiarism detection tools.  Copyscape premium credits costs $.05 each; Grammarly subscriptions cost about $9.95 on up.  Both would assist in making sure your content is perfect while the latter subscription-based internet grammar/plagiarism tool would assist in making all content sparkle with suggestions previously unbeknownst to freelance writing gurus.

The cost is rather small, fits perfect in virtual stockings and could eradicate any future problems of poorly written content.

Simplistic Appreciation

Freelancing doesn’t come easy for the thousands who’ll put in full 45-50 hour weeks straining their eyes, giving themselves carpal tunnel and missing family functions simply to meet client deadlines.  This being said, have you ever considered thanking your freelancers for work done all-year long which bettered your business’ position in search rankings, won more customers or even helped receive you accolades?  Nobody suggested to fly personally halfway around the world to say thank you; a simple email, phone call or greeting card would brighten the days of those freelancers who’ve slaved their weeks away for you.

One of the honest explications of freelance writing is the difficulty of keeping everyone happy; thanking your contractors for jobs well done this holiday season will stretch farther than any stocking you’d possibly purchase and fill with riches.

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