Five Freelancing Tools That Improve Writing

Five Freelancing Tools That Improve Writing

Since the freelancing industry is every man for himself, having access to these writing tools improves your chances in rising above your competition. While many newcomers fear an initial investment will be necessary to begin finding work, performing job duties and continually staying competitive, there are several exponentially helpful tools that freelance writing professionals can put in their back pockets and know their chances of remaining above the fold will be ten times greater.  We now examine what eight freelancings tools, freely available to all, can increase your chances of finding work, performing tasks quickly, and making sure your work gets done superlatively better than your next opponent.

Pen Zen

One excellent way to complete writing duties relatively quickly, and distraction-free, is using writing tools that are browser based.  Not only does this offer an excellent means to write without boundaries, you can save your work in the extremely popular, and often requested, PDF format.  It gives the new writer an excellent way to keep their browser open and write without being distracted having to open, reopen, and close Word files.


Another writing environment that allows one’s mind to remain relaxed is Focus Writer, an intricate writing tool which has different writing backgrounds embedded so you can adjust your mood to your writing, a huge help to those who are easily distracted easily. ODT, TXT and Rich Text File support and writing timers make this tool excellent for power freelancers.

Rough Draft

Important to the creative writing expert, screenplays and other novella writing pieces can be completed more accurately using this freeware freelancing tool. Rough Draft provides a simplistic layout and easy to edit writing area make this tool an excellent ally for play writing or anything else creativity-based which winds up across your desk.


Those who still believe typewriters are hip can use this online typewriter which offers black background and neon green lettering to better read and write without excessive eye strain.  A particular favorite of mine, I suggest all new freelance writing pros use this tool for short, quick yet succinctly necessary writings.

Pro Writing Aid

Another useful writing website that has plenty of tools easily accessible to allow the creative writing professional to easily perform their job is Pro Writing Aid, perhaps another favorite resource for new freelance writing professionals.  Since many newbies start out learning about freelance work tricks from research, this tool should come across as even more useful than researching tips, tricks and ideas to improve writing.

Overall, there are literally hundreds of writing tools available to help with distraction, or even help you keep proper outline formats, while giving you incredible opportunities to increase writing speed throughout your freelancing career.  Use them wisely, and often, before your competition beats you to the punch.  Finally, remember that freelancers are sprouting up everyday – the competition is getting fierce enough to merit having as many useful tools on your side as possible.

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