Five Freelance Writing Resolutions For 2013

Five Freelance Writing Resolutions For 2013

Sitting nineteen days away from 2013, it’s reflection time around the freelancing households who’ve come to rely on solid fundamentals in writing, programming, proofreading and sales.  While saying your thankful prayers, bear in mind 2013 could pose wonderful challenges to those up for the painstaking tasks, such as development of new clientele or strengthening portfolios.  Since some individuals may become perplexed when planning their entire years, we’ll provide you with six freelance writing resolutions for 2013 to hasten the process for you.

Resolution #1: Continually Write Inspiring Content

As many have witnessed through search engine changes and businesses who’ve faltered throughout time, understanding how to create content that sells comes with time; regardless if client goals revolve around ranking their business higher, your primary objective should always be writing from the heart, outward towards potential audiences targeted and with stunning accuracy unbeknownst to their competition.  When your content becomes indicative of your affinity for writing, you’ll easily outmatch the competition and win loads of clientele.

Resolution #2: Never Bite Off What Can’t Be Masticated

We’re all guilty of writing freelance prose for several dozen clients simultaneously.  Our workloads have invariably increased with experience, creating tougher deadlines given the nature of work we’ve undertaken.  There’s plenty of people learning about freelance writing and what’s expected; therefore, step back and concentrate on higher quality, never biting off more than you can chew at once. Taking on monstrous workloads doesn’t increase your ‘cool points’ total; increasing the plausibility of final copy, however, definitely wins kudos as I can attest to.

Resolution #3: Put Synergy Behind Prose

Elements of synergism, which often take organizational efforts to perfect, should be the centralized focus of content produced.  We’ve previously studied how content marketing success relies on energized prose and direct audience targeting, yet numerous article ‘farms’ still believe spinning otherwise one-off statements or full stories will continually increase awareness amongst different niche businesses.  Since we’re fully aware this simply isn’t true, collaborate with other freelance writing professionals to deliver synergy-driven prose which bring elements of pragmatism and electrification together seamlessly.

Resolution #4: Call Out Plagiarists

Plagiarism continues to plague search engine results despite Google’s best efforts to thwart these individuals committing written tomfoolery. Freelancing professionals, including specialty coders and even sales copywriters, have the moral responsibility to call out these misguided writing fools, report them to whatever authority will listen and even spread the news throughout social media accounts.  Stopping article bandits will preserve the good work freelance writing professionals spend hours preparing; besides, I’ve already covered how copywriting is not copy my writing several months ago.  Seems few have listened to my warnings.  Seems even more will continually fall by the proverbial wayside if my previous warning haven’t been heeded to.

Resolution #5: Embrace Occasional Pro Bono Work

Nobody wakes up with an epiphany to not work for pay for one full day since our current economic standards simply will not allow too much leeway with bills becoming due, children needing fed and cars needing repaired.  However, perhaps putting your name out there by writing for nonprofit organizations, churches or other needful charities would deposit good karma points for later retrieval.  Besides, part of humility nearly insists on humans giving something of themselves which includes an occasional pro bono freelance writing gig.

Kick The Year Off Strong

While still several weeks remain this year, ending your 2012 campaigns strong with even stronger client rapport under your belt should lead into the new year, full of promise for everyone around the globe. One tricky facet many people struggle with when trying to understand more about freelance work is keeping long-term relationships fervent. Without great clients, you’ll more than likely find your freelancing career in dire straits before February unless you’ve devised some ingenious plan for recovering your career with new clientele.

Either way, good luck to you and yours in 2013.

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