Fighting Freelance Content Plagiarism

Fighting Freelance Content Plagiarism

Website content has equivocal necessity to any product or service you intend to sell online for immeasurable reasons; most importantly, it’s the gateway to your customers’ piquing interests.  Often outsourced to freelance writing professionals for far less money than insourcing work to salaried employees, content has become the benchmark which either springboards businesses – or self-implodes them. When words are succinctly scripted to form descriptions of who you are, what you’re selling and how your product or service can assist in long-term betterment of the customers’ goals.  Writing prose alone, however, could become an impossibility which one may never wish to deal with.  Content plagiarism thwarting efforts through teamwork could provide several keen eyes and ears when necessary, especially when others are copying your teams’ well-researched content.

Everyone Wants Intelligent Prose

Content has become the literal battlefield of search engine placement, too, because the more relevant your content is to the domain, images and links, the more relevant Google sees your content being.  So if content is this important, why aren’t more people simply plagiarizing content to literally mimic their opponent?  The answer is quite simple, obvious and relatively self-contained: individuals (claiming to be freelance writers) lacking insightful angles of their own take away precious content which your team researched, posted and engages visitors in currently.  Although your content was posted first, knowing that copies exist could harm your company’s rankings.

Duplication of content immediately puts your website into Google’s perpetual penalty box, forever scarring that domain’s ability to gain imminent relevance so desperately sought by millions of sales-hungry webmasters.  Since carefully placed content opens the doors for conversations, interest and overall importance, originality is of high prominence should any marketing or sales professional wish to purport income opportunities down the line.   Therefore, collaborating with your team to fight plagiarism could be what’s necessary with so many microsites trying to use unoriginal verbiage found across websites for successful lead generation of their own.

Your Team Must Be Ready

Content which others have stolen from you never has converted up to this point, and probably never will.  If you’ve got little time to produce verbiage that accurately describes your website content, yet have start-up capital to work with, consider outsourcing your content production needs to freelance writing aficionados who can produce phraseology that accurately reflects your business direction and offerings while having full compliance with Google’s forceful expectations of perfect content.  Teamwork which ultimately resonate content marketing rules becomes proprietary when your entire company stands strong against content thieves, not just single entities.

Many business functions have gone completely with social media, websites or email for product broadcasts and general consumer communications.  Getting your team working fully syncopated with current blogging expectations, planning for plagiarism defense while having everyone participating proactively in content creation will keep engagement high, thievery low and interest sparked around the clock.  Freelancing professionals shouldn’t need babysat when writing articles, content for businesses or landing pages for clientele; working with team members to assure even accidental plagiarism doesn’t take place would benefit investments made towards freelance writing ‘gurus’.

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