Encouraging Freelancers To Finish College

Encouraging Freelancers To Finish College

Meticulously banging away keys for twelve hours each day, thousands of home-based contingency workers pump out written content for clients around the world, albeit for smaller pay than one believes is merited.  Salesmen are taking their freelancing prowess online as well, closing deals for clients 3,000 miles away for small commissions.  It’s the freelancer way of life, and one that we’ve probably all decided to jump on while the economy decides which way will finally be considered ‘precedence’ for career professionals.

All could change, however, should the already working freelance professional decide to hit the books again, bringing more pay potential their way while continuing to earn a living.  We investigate reasons freelance writers and other contingency-based employees should vie for higher education in today’s world, a world where social employers prefer freelance writing professionals who are educated.

It’s All Online, Baby

Since you’ll spend 30-50 hours or more writing quality articles, programming web pages or even just educating yourself about freelance in general, why not utilize government grants to continue building your education portfolio? Many certificate programs exist, even in social media management or search engine optimization, which are nationally recognized and considered highly potent when searching for both work freelancers can enjoy, or even for securing office-based positions.

Wives with spare time, displaced workers or even those who’ve yet to determine their career path can jump online, apply for grants and begin educating themselves while our government is still dishing out the funds to do so.

Build Employer Rapport

While many content farms offer thousands of articles for pennies, the actual content received isn’t worth the text box it was typed in.  When the announcement was made several months ago signifying that companies offering permanent spots to freelancers would significantly change the company’s outlook on outsourcing, it was due partially to education acquired while discovering more about freelance across the internet.  Building solid employer rapport would increase the likelihood you’ll jump aboard the floating ship of freelancing offered by this company – and it all starts with educating yourself through online courses or adding relevant work experience through article writing, editing or the likes.

Do What Grads Are Doing

Millions of uncertain college graduates take job searching online, offline and via telephone, even.  With our current lackluster economy literally dying each minute jobs fail to materialize, freelancing is the new career aspiration of college grads for numerous reasons, mainly since it provides some form of income.  While making this marginal income, college grads are continuing education online in hopes of improving their chances of extending that income.  Millionaires aren’t simply hatched, my friends; should your desire truly be that of gaining riches as other freelance writers before you have, there’s got to be some level of educational value which one seeks out to achieve this monetary goal.

It’s Never Too Late

Educating yourself through experience does travel far when seeking office work, executive positions or even entrepreneurship of other sorts; having the vast expanse of employment options should freelancing fall apart, however, means seeking higher learning to improve your chances of remaining outside the unemployment lines, seemingly growing longer each day due to improperly educated individuals who’ve only lightly obtained work experience online.

On the interim, always keep your skills freshened by performing article writing, editing or other fractional positions which freelance writers are performing today.  During the course of downtime, partake in numerous academia opportunities which are readily available online.

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