Dangers and Delights of Freelance Journalism

Dangers and Delights of Freelance Journalism

Very few professions will come with such great deals of jeopardy and responsibility like that which freelance journalism professionals will endure. Journalists around the world are always continuing their professional responsibilities by considering threats on their life and career. The risk and danger of freelance journalism is much higher than the risk of other journalistic careers such as those who are working under any print or electronic media giant as a primary employee. It is not possible for freelance journalists to get adequate support or protection from the authority, and they are supposed to continue the job by risking their life every now and then.

Types of Risks Faced By Freelance Journalists

It is not only the terrorist group or any criminal organization from where freelance journalists are receiving threats on their life. Sometimes, threats from special interest group may become more vulnerable, which can even put the life of the freelance journalists at risk. Crime report on any particular criminal or organization may cause the loss of several million dollars and the pretentious person or group will try to stop the journalists even at the cost of his or her (freelance journalist’s) life.

Freelance journalists are free from any administrative and bureaucratic pressure, and this freedom gives them the scope to bring out the original news behind the event without considering the interest of any person, group or organization. This is why; reports and news from freelance journalists are more authentic than the news from other journalists. Recently, a criminal group in the Mexico attacked a freelance journalist named Oscar Balderas at 18th April, 2012. That group took his camera and pointed a gun in his head while he was developing a report on the activities of that criminal group. Freelance journalists are also being killed while covering the news for war or conflict. Two journalists named ‘Walid Blidi’ and ‘Nassim Terreri’ were also killed at the border between Syria and Turkey during 26th Marc, 2012 while they are covering updates about the conflict in Syria.

These are only few examples, where many freelance journalists are threatened and killed in a regular manner. Sometimes freelance journalists don’t have the option to inform the law-enforcing agencies while developing any sensitive news, as that could have jeopardized his or her mission.

Delights of Freelance Journalism

Freelance journalists are free from the pressure of compromise with any fact, which may sometime happen for professional freelancing people in both print and electronic media. Security of the job is not any issue for freelance journalists and they are free to choose any assignment on the event they wish to cover. Freelance journalists also have the acceptance to several print or electronic media, which also help them to develop a career with diversified working experience.

The demand of freelance journalists is getting higher than before, and newer job opportunities are creating for these journalists. These journalists have the freedom to work on their own assignment, or they can also work for some other clients, as well. Freelance journalists also have their access to different news sources, which may not available to some other journalist, and this is one of the greatest advantage of freelance journalism. Despite of the risk on life and other obstacles, freelance journalists have the scopes and opportunities to enjoy the true journalism. Freelance journalism is now considered as the most expected way of journalism for many journalists who are trying to cover any new or develop reports according to their own way.

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