Clean Freelancing Slate Begins Today

Clean Freelancing Slate Begins Today

Now that we’ve celebrated a fresh calendar flipping festivity, it’s time to dust your drunkenness off and begin working on those new projects which clients perhaps assigned just before the new year.  Sure, many people rejoiced all night, perhaps having nasty hangovers to deal with.  Beginning the new year with both feet running, however, will set the tone for the remaining of the year.  Freelancers who decide to sleep around today, in other words, will definitely fall behind me because I intend to be fully active as any day.  We’ve been given clean slates today in freelancing – it would behoove us to take advantage when possible.

Starting Strong

Focusing on your goals which were determined circa yesterday should be your primary goal today.  Fading off to sleep, eating cabbage or corned beef and wasting time watching useless bowl games could be what you kick yourself in the tail for later on.  Begin writing your thoughts, ideas or perhaps give freelance writing an honest shot starting this month.  Remaining idle while other freelancing newbies chew up what could’ve been your workloads during the first day of your completely new calendar doesn’t provide the best outlook for remaining days of the year.  Finally, letting Wives Tales, superstitious beliefs and sociological brouhaha rule your day will only backfire.

Planning Content

Preassigned projects writing freelance prose for businesses will need immediate completion, unless your clients have specified they’d prefer having ‘x’ number of articles every week.  For small blog owners, content calendars will begin being filled to match various life events or holidays since preplanned content works much better when research will be necessary.  For freelance writing aficionados worldwide or local independent contractors, planning your own schedules around clientele needs should come first today, if possible, considering 364 days remain this year and many subjects need ample coverage.

Your Clean Slate Has Arrived

Conventional wisdom states many people waited patiently for Times Square ball dropping ceremonies simply to wash their hands of 2012 campaigns they regretted.  Well, you asked for something new, the clock flipped over and now opportunity has been shaking your bedside, forcing your sleepiness to decide whether Day One will happen on the second, third or fifth day of January – or immediately.  It’s rather funny how sociological statements, useless sayings parents have told us and superstition has humanity locked down when, in essence, the first day of the year should be your best.  Writing does take coherence – and many party animals probably lack proficient writing capacity due to festive evenings – yet weighing whether hangovers were more important than starting your new year with guns ablaze wasn’t that difficult for me, and I certainly hope many freelancing professionals are working today amidst superstition.

If everyone quit working on days when superstitions were commonplace, our society would be far less productive than we are currently – the very reason why I find New Year ‘caveats’, jinxes, etc. to be quite hilarious.  Therefore, stop letting generations of ‘mom and dad tales’ thwart your plans to begin your 2013 freelancing campaign too late – break the mold for once.

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