Freelance Information Security Careers

Organized crime groups, rogue hackers and well-known cyber activists like Anonymous have all helped to create a cottage industry for information security professionals. Your knowledge becomes more valuable every day, and is increasingly in demand on an as-needed, freelance basis. There are several business sectors that are particularly ripe for the picking. E-Commerce E-commerce companies […]


Freelance Projects for Civil Engineers

Research shows that the engineering profession is one of the top career sectors for independent contractors. Having freelance talent in the pipeline for a new project or contract bid is a key hiring strategy for many companies. Assignments can last for a few months or a couple of years depending on the magnitude of the […]


Freelance Jobs in Education

Few careers offer the freelance potential of those presented by an education degree. Not only does the school year present peak times of earning opportunity, the summer months can also be used to enhance your income stream. Whether you choose to follow a traditional path and add freelance work on the side or go out […]


Freelance Electrical Engineering Opportunities

For many graduates who have just entered the electrical engineering business field, it can be easy to get flustered and not know how to proceed. After an electrical engineer gathers his or her knowledge and completes the necessary education, becoming familiar with the tools of the trade in the field, he or she will have […]


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