Bloated Content Continually Ruins Business

Bloated Content Continually Ruins Business

Neutrality remains the vital business content component freelance writing professionals haven’t quite nailed down yet.  Halfheartedly approaching writing assignments with bloated, perhaps mildly convoluted thoughts which have already been discussed tenfold yesterday cause business owners’ content marketing goals to flop.  Freelancing, by and large, theoretically gives an alternative voice where business proprietors may lack.  Unfortunate happenstances preventing businesses from growing ‘evenly’, however, revolves around bloated context which instantly inhibits their search position, perhaps even slowly losing ‘face’ amongst others in their niche.

While you’re Googling your life away preparing your next written masterpiece for delivery to clients, it’s quite possible these quick tips below would provide structure previously lacked in writing assignments revolving around landing page content or general business articles normally stuffed with prosaic, humdrum, or even gobbledegook sentences.

Rocking That Pen

With Office and other word processing programs, it’s rather archaic in nature for individuals to write their content by hand anymore.  Moreover, many freelance writers shoot for showmanship instead of simplicity when presenting their clients with finished works.  Heading back to basics, we’re supposed to avoid unnecessarily inflated words which have little functionality in sentences.  In light of this, remember that businesses won’t always have Harvard or Oxford grads shopping their storefronts; keeping content simple to read, easy to digest yet hyped up enough to excite you, the writer, should be your primary goal.  Once you’ve sold yourself on what specific clients will receive, clients will acquiesce with you.

This doesn’t suggest every writer must be an ‘author emeritus’; it does relegate, however, that content readable by all grade levels more thoroughly resonates each business’ intended message more fluidly than introducing complex sentence structures on landing pages, within blogs, and so forth.  Follow the ‘CCU Method’ of writing content: concise, clear and uncluttered.

Follow Government Discipline

Seems rather habit forming when writing freelance prose for companies and making jargon difficult to understand.  Closely following the Plain Writing Act of 2010 which states everything put into document format must have ‘concision yet readability’ would help common writers process verbiage much easier.  We’re not making implications of following governmental writing nomenclature like whipped denizens, yet we are seriously suggesting that freelance writers follow some formal writing guide written by government bloggers, educational facilities or those in higher authority since, of course, the internet is all about authority.  For your writing to become precedence, you must follow those who paved the roads toward content precedents. Whether you discover those authoritative sources as Uncle Sam or Oral Roberts is solely your decision; just make one.

Research Each Business

While Bayerische Motoren Werke (or BMW for us Englishmen) may be synonymous with racing and luxury vehicles, you’d be surprised how many don’t know they’re into street bicycles.  What lesson resides here?  Businesses have more than ‘surface features’ which should be outlined when writing content on their behalf.  Corporations literally masticate millions of dollars simply because their messages hit massive audiences amiss; performing extensive research on companies being written about would ameliorate any confusion while having more direct impacts on their entire business schema instead of partially.  Content peruses customer buying decisions, remember this.  What would move you to purchase pencil leads which you’ve been selected to write about?  Keep questions consistently in mind and never – I repeat, never – be afraid to pick up the phone to interview pros working within the company you will write about.

Look, we’re all working somewhat together as freelancing professionals to push content across the world which exemplifies various business who’ve elected us to write.  Remaining tactful, remembering the joys of freelancing which keeps us going yet having some structure within our previously discombobulated writing style should always be our goal to avoid coming across affront when delivering our final content to clients.

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