What To Do If You Think Your Boss Isn’t Paying You Fair Wages

For an employee it is never a pleasant feeling to feel undervalued. You may either feel unappreciated and unmotivated in the workplace or you may feel that you are not being compensated adequately. If the issue is with the latter statement, you must have recently found out that a co-worker was being paid at a […]


Why Flexible Work Hours Are Becoming The Norm

Flexible work hours are becoming the norm in today’s workplace for a variety of reasons that contribute to one overall reason. That overall reason is that it provides advantages to not only the employee, but the employer as well. As we go through the various advantages it will become clear why flex hours are becoming […]


Five Translation Job Opportunities You May Not Know About

Through ever evolving technology, diversity in entertainment, and increased immigration, our world is getting smaller and smaller.  This has far reaching implications, not the least of which is the increased demand for skilled translators.  While chances are good that you can name some translation jobs off the top of your head, there are a few […]


Helpful Writing Tools for Freelancers

A freelancer has plenty of troubles to have to deal with, and the worst one is that people are going to demand they pay you a pittance for work that is above and beyond perfect, and they expect it now. You are also at risk of being screwed over by every client you ever get […]


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