Why Being Fired Could Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

Let’s set up a quick scenario. You have either just walked into your boss’s office or the human resource representative’s office. This was not a scheduled meeting. The tone of the message was ominous. With a heavy heart, they let you know that you have been let go. After being relieved of your job, there […]


5 Signs You May Not Want To Work for A Company

Interviewing for a new job is both an exciting prospect and nerveracking experience. On one hand you could be interviewing what could be your dream job, the place where you know you will retire. On the other hand, it could be the place you almost got a job at, but lost all sense of yourself […]


What To Do If You Think Your Boss Isn’t Paying You Fair Wages

For an employee it is never a pleasant feeling to feel undervalued. You may either feel unappreciated and unmotivated in the workplace or you may feel that you are not being compensated adequately. If the issue is with the latter statement, you must have recently found out that a co-worker was being paid at a […]


Why Flexible Work Hours Are Becoming The Norm

Flexible work hours are becoming the norm in today’s workplace for a variety of reasons that contribute to one overall reason. That overall reason is that it provides advantages to not only the employee, but the employer as well. As we go through the various advantages it will become clear why flex hours are becoming […]


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