Academic Paper Writing as a Freelance Opportunity

Academic Paper Writing as a Freelance Opportunity

Freelance writers who hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree may consider taking work from one of the many companies offering academic paper writing services. Writers with advanced degrees are especially in demand, since they bring a level of expertise in their subject area to the table along with more years of experience researching and writing term papers and essays for companies like WriteMyEssay4Me. Should a freelancer consider this type of opportunity? Let’s weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of taking on this type of work.

Advantage of Taking an Academic Paper Writing Gig

For writers who are interested and skilled in academic papers, there is no shortage of work available. Many companies run ads online looking to hire writers at a flat rate per page.

Someone who wanted to pick up work privately who lives in an area near a college or university could post an ad on Craigslist or another free ad site to advertise his or her services. Another option would be to check out these sites to find students who are looking for writing or editing help with their academic papers, especially as mid-semester or exam week approaches and students get into their “crunch” time when they may not feel they have time to complete all of their work on their own.

The writer can pick up a relatively quick job for cash and no one need be the wiser in the latter instance. This can be a good way to earn some extra money when funds are tight.

Disadvantages of Writing Academic Papers for Students

Some companies advertising online for academic papers do offer tutoring services to their clients. They want to buy academic essays to be used as educational tools so that students can gain skills and learn how to improve their skills in writing their own research papers. These are legitimate opportunities for writers.

Other sites are advertising a completely different type of services to students. They are taking the research papers prepared by freelance academic writers and selling them so that students can submit the work as their own. Even though all colleges and universities have strict policies against plagiarism and students are aware of the penalties if they get caught cheating, a certain number of them will still try to pass off someone’s work as their own.

A freelance writer might think that helping someone to cheat at school is unethical. Even though writing an essay that will be used for the purpose is technically not illegal, a freelancer usually asks him or herself whether this is the type of work he or she wants to do.

Making the Decision about Academic Essay Writing

Given that companies offering term paper writing services are not doing anything illegal, it is a good career move for a freelance writer to be involved in this type of work. This is a choice every freelance writer must make for him or herself. Some people have done very well for themselves offering their services to this market, and there is a steady stream of potential clients needing assistance.

Other freelancers choose to focus on other types of writing. They simply do not want to be involved with anything that feels unethical, especially if they did all of their own work to earn their degree.

There will likely always be a market for academic paper writing. Every freelancer who is qualified to write papers will need to consider whether this is something they are comfortable taking on, whether they need to deal with a cash shortfall for a time or as a longer-term career choice.

Leslie Anglesey is a paper writing specialist who works and an editor at EssayTigers. She specializes in blog writing, academic essay writing and providing tips for online freelance work.

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