A Freelance Writer’s Guide To The Universe

A Freelance Writer’s Guide To The Universe

In 500 words?  Of course guv, anything you say guv.  So where to start then?  It’s a big old thing this website writing right thing (you did read my earlier little musings didn’t you?).  There was me thinking it’s simply about writing words that people want to read.  I guess I felt a bit like Snow White – you know, when she’s cleaning the cottage – all those sweet little bluebirds fluttering around my keyboard as my lovely words tripped off the ends of my fingers.  SLAP number 2 (go back to the last post if you want to find out about slap number 1).

From SEO to LSI and Back Again
You see, writing right’s not about writing what you want to write – (stick with me now,).  It’s about what the client wants, and that’s always about listings.  Where are you on the Google listings for your favourite keyword? How can you get higher? It’s actually quite easy to write right without writing wrong coz it’s all about the keywords.  If its web content or blogs it’s all about making sure that the content you create suits the clients purpose.  Words and thoughts need to flow down the page naturally whilst containing those all-important keywords.  Keywords are my world, no they are my universe.  They are the search terms your customers are busy Googling away, day in and day out, and this is where the real knack comes in.  So Search Engine Optimisation (that’s the SEO bit in the title) means stuffing text with tons of your keywords does it?  Well apparently not, we’ve all stumbled across web pages where you start to scan looking for some little nugget of brilliance, and you get twaddle, rubbish, just junk.  You know, the text that seems to have the same phrase scattered liberally around like salt on a fresh portion of fries – dreadful.  Creating a piece of text that is optimised to get you higher up the Google listings is what it’s all about but these days but using SEO keywords just doesn’t cut it anymore.  You also need to create Latent Semantic Indexed text (and that’s the LSIO bit)  to you and I,  so enough already with the TLAs (three-letter letter acronyms – please try to keep up); LSI text has keywords and is also checked to make sure that language before and after the keyword, and throughout the article is related to the keyword itself.  It’s a really great way of encouraging content writers to create content that is high quality and not just twaddle (don’tcha jut love the word).

It’s Not Just the United Nations That Can’t Agree

Beyond the UN Security Council Chamber in New York there’s other people that can’t agree you know.  Many people can’t agree which search engines do rank using LSI and which ones don’t so it’s not just Russia and China failing to agree about Syria, honestly!  No matter, for me, LSI is the best way of writing right.  If you make sure your content has smoothness and it flows from idea to idea gently meandering its way without so much as a bump or blip you’ll end up with right writing at the end.  One thing I do know is that as Google plough their way through every animal in Noah’s Ark (we’ve had panda and penguin so when do we get three toed sloth or Komodo dragon or….) it’s better and better news for the universe of the freelance writer who provides content.  The better the quality they drive the more I like it because there’s more demand for the quality writing I think I provide.

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