5 Reasons You Should Consider Freelance Writing

5 Reasons You Should Consider Freelance Writing

These days, most businesses know that it is essential to include articles on their websites to drive and support their marketing strategy. This usually includes links to social media, blogs etc. to promote their business’s online community presence. Writing articles is a time-consuming task, so most businesses use freelance writers to provide high quality articles for them.

There are many freelance writers who are already making a good living doing just that. If you have a good command of the English language and are sitting at home thinking about ways to make some extra money, freelance writing may be the ideal job for you. The following are the top 5 reasons why you should consider freelance writing for a living.


If you are a complete novice in writing articles, you could consider a professional writing course to update your skills and provide the essential tools to get started. This will give you confidence to embark on your freelance writing career. However, be prepared to accept writing jobs at a low rate of pay to start with. Get yourself established, gain experience and then the world can be your oyster.


Freelance writing is a job which can eventually pay well and suits people who wish to work from home. If you have a family, for instance, you may have to take and pick up the children to and from school. The flexibility of working from home as freelancers do will allow you to work hours to suit your lifestyle and still enable you to have a normal family life. Also, there will be more nine to five constraints, frustrating commuting in the rush hour, no fuel expenses and having to dress up every day. All you need is a computer and internet connection and away you go.

Determining your strengths

Think carefully about the kind of freelancing careers, such as writing jobs, you wish to target. For example, non-medical people will struggle writing articles about health issues with all the technical jargon involved. If you have a keen interest in music, for instance, you will be able to write more knowledgeably and quickly. Having to carry out detailed research on subjects you are not familiar with is time-consuming and will obviously increase the time taken to write each article, a consideration every freelancing professional must know before starting. You will usually be paid per article or per word, not the amount of time you take to write the articles. There are literally hundreds of different businesses who want quality freelance writers, so make it easy on yourself and target those who you can easily relate to.

Sourcing work

The internet is a great way to access customers for your services. Freelance writers are needed in every topic and subject you can imagine. If you are a novice, be prepared for early knockbacks – it is a competitive world out there. However, do keep trying – you could start by targeting small businesses who are just starting on their marketing strategy. You can set up your own website and use blogs and social media to promote yourself online. Ensure it is professional looking, easily navigable and have links to social media, blogs etc. Post a portfolio of example articles so prospective clients can see your work. Also include any reviews of your work from previous clients. This is a cheap but effective way to make your profile visible to the maximum amount of businesses and have the ability to interact with them.

Gaining experience

Unless you are fortunate enough to gain a freelance writing job with one company which keeps you busy full time and pays you well enough, you may need to look for other clients. The experience you gain from the early days will give you the confidence to apply for higher paid jobs.

Freelance writing is something that many people can do from the comfort of their homes and fit it round their family responsibilities.  Over time, freelancing in general can provide a good income to those who can write quality articles for those who need them.

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